Positive Politics

Yesterday I was asked what it was that made me decide to stand as an independent candidate in Oakwood.

It would be very easy for me to say that it is because I DON’T like the current councillors, that I DON’T like the things that are being imposed on Oakwood, that I DON’T like the Conservative government policies or that I DON’T like the fact that the city council is majority Labour.
By doing this I would be taking the stance which is the exact reason I am standing.

I’m fed up of politics that is based on what the other party have done wrong. Both, internationally, nationally and locally. I think it’s about time that politicians said what they want to do themselves, how they can make a difference and how they will try and make the result of policies imposed from higher up work positively for the people they effect or at least minimise the impact.

I have realised over the last 6 months that negativity runs rife through the general population. A consultation into the future of Children’s centres turns into a comment that they are closing and services will no longer be available. A new housing development means gridlocked roads and unsafe routes to school. The withdrawal of devolved budgets to Oakwood means no funding for the youth club and an increase in anti-social behaviour.
Whilst these situations all need to be considered and could pose a problem for Oakwood, I would rather look at what we can do as a group of residents, with my help, to improve these outcomes and empower people to have their say. There are things that can be done to ensure that these worst case senarios don’t transpire and I want to lead the positive response to tackle residents’ concerns.

So you will only hear me say what I WILL do, what I CAN (try to) change and how we CAN make things BETTER FOR OAKWOOD.

P.S. If you’re interested in that consultation about children’s centres you can click on the link here to have your say – Children’s Centres Consultation

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