Cross party working

I have already blogged quite a bit about What it means to be Independent and Independent Power so I’m not going to regurgitate my ideas about that here. But I was really encouraged on Saturday, when attending a meeting of local council election candidates, to find that there are some like minded people to myself. They were all standing as members of political parties but I certainly felt that Derby City Council would be better balanced if they were successful. I could see myself working really well along side them. As someone local to me keeps saying ‘local elections is all about the person not the party’.

I hope I am not being completely naive.

I was welcomed by name by a candidate who had seen my Facebook page. He was really friendly and encouraging. He then greeted someone from a different party also by name. I sat next to this person  during the meeting. He told me all about the campaign strategies used by his party and the information they collect when canvasing door to door. All interesting stuff but not something I can benefit from as an independent candidate.

At the end of the meeting, some other candidates from different parties entered into a discussion that I wasn’t involved in but they seemed to be agreeing on some points an having a genuine debate about things.

I really hope the some of these passionate, energetic residents – myself included – who just want to do the best for Derby, are successful and that they can redefine the idea of debate in the Derby City Council House and that party politics can take a back seat.

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