Physical presence…

I’m told having a physical presence is a good way to get voters on your side. How do I do that when there is only one of me?

Well, as I’m sure you are aware I’ve tried to make myself as visible online as possible through my Facebook page and blog. I’ve also delivered 4500 leaflets to the houses of Oakwood. Sorry if I missed your house!

I’ve also got posters and campaign cards up in various places around Oakwood and if you’ve been up my road there is no question about where I live.

Recently I produced a campaign video profile which, may well be a first for Derby, hopefully it will give folk a feel for what I’m like, especially if they couldn’t make to my meet and greet session that I held at the leisure centre. 

I hope that I have put enough information out so that people really know what makes me tick and what I am standing for.

Here are a few ideas of ways you can display my publicity in Oakwood. Please message me if you would like some to put up. (Has to be on private property with the owners permission)


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