A Postal Post

Wow! This morning WordPress tells me I have had 300 visitors to my blog in the time it has been up and running. A massive thank you to every single one of you who has taken the time to read my mumblings about standing as an independent candidate in the upcoming local elections on May 5th. I am so encouraged and feel quite overwhelmed that you would offer me that support.

This time last year I was heavily pregnant with my second child. I gave up work about 6 weeks before he arrived and from then on the Daily Politics show was my lunchtime sit down viewing. I struggled from the off to know which party to vote for in the general election and found this programme incredibly informative not only about the three or four main parties but about all sorts of smaller parties campaigning on specific issues. I guess this is where I suddenly found my interest in politics.

My son was born on the morning of May 8th – the morning that the result was declared. I had spent most of the night following the results as they came in – I didn’t sleep well during the final stages of pregnancy. Newspapers from the day he was born are quite momentous – if only for the shock of the polls. The family joke was ‘Alex went into labour which kept Labour out!’

I still try and tap into Daily Politics when I can though it is a bit more tricky these days.

Due to the timing of the election, and my predicted due date, both my husband and myself registered for postal votes. This year they arrived and we put them on the shelf, knowing they are there but not thinking much about them. I’ve had a busy few weeks delivering leaflets, putting up posters and generally getting on with family life and work. THEY ARE STILL ON THE SHELF!

So my message to you this morning is don’t forget about your postal vote! It has a first class return envelope in it which should get it back if you post it before Wednesday – I’m heading to the post box with mine now!

P.S I’m second on the green paper (DANN), notable for the absence of a party logo!



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