Thoughts on a year gone by…

I’m aware that some of you may think I have vanished into the ether following the local election in 2016. I had meant to continue blogging but my home life took a number of interesting turns and I had other things that required my attention. I have spent a number of hours reflecting on the local election result; my motivation for standing as a candidate and a number of developments going on in Oakwood. 

I was pleased with the results of the local election for Oakwood ward and humbled by the number of people who put their faith in me by casting a vote for me. This year has been a year of no local elections so I have had a longer time to consider and explore my role in the Oakwood community.

There have been a number of key developments in Oakwood as a community over the year.

Firstly, the hardworking Community Centre Committee has seen it’s chair and secretary retire. At one stage there was a concern that no one would come forward to take over. A lot of effort was put into finding new committee members and I am pleased to report that the committee has now grown with the big roles being supported by a number of subsidiary roles. 

We then had the issue of the travellers who stayed in Oakwood for a significant period over the spring and early summer. Fortunately they have now gone and a core group of stalwart residents have worked hard with our local councillors to put deterrents in, in the form of trenches and posts, to prevent their return. Out of this came the formation if Oakwood Residents’ Association. This is still in the very early stages and a committee is still being formed, but they have lots of ideas for community centred initiatives which I am sure will make Oakwood an even nicer place to live.

When I started volunteering on the Oakwood Neighbourhood Board, these were the types of initiatives I really wanted to see up and running. I had thought that getting more involved in groups like this may be a better option for me than the role of councillor, however I’m thrilled that other folk have come forward. Whilst I have offered my support to both the Community Centre and the Residents’ Association, I am now free to plough my efforts into other ways of trying to improve the Oakwood neighbourhood.

I fully expect that in May 2018 you will see my name on a ballot paper… Still as an independent candidate (more on that quandary in another post) and still with a heart for representing Oakwood residents without the party political agenda!

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