An Alternative for Oakwood

Welcome back to those of you who are regular followers of this blog and a warm welcome to any new viewers. Many of you will know me well, and in person, and I thank you for taking the time to read this and support my campaign to be an Independent Councillor representing Oakwood on Derby City Council. If you don’t know me then please take time to read this and some of my other posts to get an idea of how I would represent you on the council.

This election will be my second attempt at winning a seat. When I set about my campaign in 2016, it seemed like a futile attempt in what was a strong conservative area. I didn’t expect to win. I didn’t know many people in the area but I felt strongly that there needed to be another viable option on the ballot paper so I put my name forward.

I was overwhelmed by the 316 votes I received. This made me feel that there was an appetite for something different and felt humbled that people thought I could be their representative.

As I enter the election race in 2018 I have mixed feelings. Part of me still feels that Oakwood is a strongly conservative area and my chance of winning is low, however there is apart of me that feels that the people of Oakwood can look past the party politics of local elections. A vote for an independent candidate is not a vote against either the conservative or labour parties. As an independent I can work with councillors from all parties; form constructive relationships; and support well thought out proposals which benefit Oakwood and Derby regardless of which party puts them forward. I really feel that there is a massive opportunity for independent councillors to make a positive impact on the way the council is run. All it needs is a vote of faith from Oakwood residents.

Over the next 8 weeks I hope to be able to meet many people from around the neighbourhood. I would welcome invitations to come and introduce myself to the various community groups which meet in Oakwood and will be looking at other opportunities to meet and greet Oakwood residents. If you would like to get in touch to discuss issues related to Oakwood and Derby, please email me on Additionally, if you feel able to support me in my campaign, by spreading the word or delivering a few leaflets in your neighbourhood, I would be very grateful.



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