Getting a name around town (or Oakwood)


It’s time for a short break from delivering leaflets – mainly as I await the arrival of a second batch from the printers. However, it gives me a chance to reflect on the campaign so far.

29872852_803057596557486_3023451278958233109_o.jpgTwo years ago most of my material landed on doorsteps too late for postal voters to really consider voting for me.  This year I was a bit quicker off the mark and managed to target the postal voters. Thanks go out to my little team of supporters who have helped me deliver nearly 1000 addressed envelopes – a trickier task than simply delivering door to door. Oakwood has some hidden gems when it comes to housing.

I was able to spend timing speaking to the people who I came across on my delivery rounds and most were keen to see a change in the way the council works. They liked the idea of someone who could steer the coucil towards common sense and rid it of the inter-party point scoring and insult throwing.

A number of people have gone to the effort of contacting me privately and I have responded to their individual queries about my policies.


In a slightly surprising turn of events, UKIP are campaigning in Oakwood. Having lived here for nearly 8 years, I’ve never had a piece of campaign material from them. It seems that the UKIP candidate, Gary Small, has friends on the corner of every street. There are a number of boards popping up with his face on them. I’ve got mine ready to go, they are small and unobtrusive but eye catching and informative (slightly different from the one shown in the photo). Please let me know if you could put one in your front garden – it is such a valuable way of making a candidiates name known.  If you would rather not make a small hole in your garden then a poster either on a fence or in a window would be just as effective give me a shout and I can arrange that too.

Other than by providing visual prompts about my campaign, I feel passionately that word of mouth from people who know me is probably the most powerful way of securing votes. I hope that those of you who have met me so far feel that I could do a good job for you and will spread the word to friends and neighbours.


I will have some small contact cards coming from the printer which can be used to pass on to friends and also as small signs to display in your car windows (see 2016 picture). Again let me know if you would like some or if I can email you a document to forward onto your friends. I also have button badges which have been a great conversation starter as to what it is and why I am standing as a candidate.

Finally I am gearing myself up for the big delivery. Over the next 2 weeks I will be delivering to nearly every house on Oakwood with a new piece of campaign material. Hopefully you will find more on this leaflet to help you consider voting for me. If you are excited about the idea of having an independent councillor represent you on the City Council then please consider giving up a couple of hours to help me get my information to every voter. It’s a brilliant way to help get your 10,000 steps in. It really is true in this case that ‘many hands make light work’.

Finally, can I ask that you share my website with friends and, for those of you on Facebook, please like and share my posts as much as possible. I don’t get how Facebook works most of the time but I’m pretty sure this is how I get my name noticed as much as possible.

N.B: If you can’t wait until my posters come back from the printers I have included the pdf below so that you can print one out for yourself (Warning: lots of aqua green!)

Campaign Poster



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