What does it mean to be Independent in 2018

In and amongst today’s leafleting and ‘Chat at Chadd Woods’ I took some time to look back over some of the blog posts I wrote in 2016. One that struck me as still very relevant to today is ‘What it means to be Independent’ I would urge you to click on it and have a read in order to get a real sense of my stance on this.

Every thing that I wrote in this article still rings true. I can be a representative of Oakwood community without party politics getting in the way. I can also work with councillors from all parties on getting the best outcomes for Oakwood.The only difference from the article two years ago is that I now a little more knowledgeable about the election process having been through it already.

From the various conversations I have had over the last 3 weeks, I feel a real sense that the people of Oakwood are open to the idea of a new way of working in the council and in particular the new perspective that an independent voice might bring.

Change has to start somewhere. Why not start by moving away from party politics, and focusing on the local issues, by taking a chance on an Independent candidate?



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