Conservative or Independent does it matter?

When it seems that the Oakwood electorate are determined to get rid of  the Labour council, the natural choice to make is to vote Conservative. Why change the habit of a lifetime?

What we need to be clear about is that for Derby Conservative to take control of the council they will need to hold all 6 of their current seats and take 9 of the remaining 11, which are being contested in this round of elections. The odds of this happening are very (!!) long.

If labour lose their one seat majority, then there will need to be some kind of coalition in a council of no overall control (NOC). This will be made up of the Conservatives and at least one of the other parties, if not all of them. As an independent there is no reason why I can’t be one of this group which takes a lead in pushing through policy changes.

If, of course, Labour retain their majority then nothing has changed, we return to the situation we have now where Labour push through their policies in a council chamber that is lacking in constructive debate and compromise. Party politics will dictate the way our city is managed. As an independent councillor, I believe I can overcome the party politics that is getting in the way of common sense. As an independent, I believe I have the ability to approach all parties (Labour included), either formally at meetings or informally, and make a case for amendments which will be more beneficial to Oakwood residents.

Why not take a chance on change and vote ALEX DANN INDEPENDENT for better representation in the council chamber.

Into the Council Chamber






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