My Vision for Oakwood


IMG_7814So it is coming round to the time when postal voting slips will be arriving on people doorsteps. It could be anytime from Saturday. I will be out delivering letters to these people over the next few days.

I wanted to blog explain in more detail my vision for Oakwood. This is essentially my manifesto. It has 5 key elements. These are:

Enhanced council services

This will see me working to ensure that the services, we pay out council tax for, are to the highest possible standard – that litter bins are emptied more frequently; that road surfaces are good quality and repaired; that the grassed areas and shrubs are maintained; that the streets are cleaned. This may be by increasing the services already provided or by putting in some proactive measures to ensure that the problems aren’t created in the first place.

Improved transport infrastructure

I would like to see the rush hour traffic reduced significantly. This may be an aim too high, but by working with bus companies and businesses to provided incentives to find alternative modes of transport, getting an bike hub installed at the leisure centre or precinct, and improving the cycle network we could reduce the number of cars moving in and out of the ward at peak times.


Protected green spaces

It is essential that our green spaces are protected from any further development. The area of land behind Chaddesden Wood is vital to preserve the diversity of wildlife that inhabit it. We also need to continue to work to protect our green spaces from invasion by travellers by working with the parks department and finding ways to fund deterrents.

Better Youth Provision

Over the last couple of months there have been reports of some anti-social behaviour going on in Oakwood. I would love to see an improved offering for these groups of youths who find themselves with nothing better to do in the evenings. How this provision looks would have to be developed in conjunction with the young people themselves. I want to create a safe space where they are happy to be and help build relationships between them and the Oakwood community by getting them involved in improving our area.

Strong Community Partnerships36910858_313157549256855_2338806479483568128_o

There are so many great things going on in Oakwood by many different groups. There are too many to list. I would love to be able to facilitate an opportunity whereby these groups can come together, along with the local business owners, to start new initiatives and input into the future development of Oakwood. Small groups of people can do great things… imagine what we could do if we all put our heads together and shared the resources we have available. I would love to see a great Christmas offering in terms of lights and festivities building on Oakwood Residents’ Association Christmas Market. This would compliment Oakfest in the Summer and we could also look to putting on other events as we feel they are needed.


2 thoughts on “My Vision for Oakwood

  1. I’m not sure, after reading this, how you intend to achieve these things? Having said that – I’m not really sure how any of our candidates intend to achieve anything! That’s my dilemma!


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