Massive Thanks!

This is my final post before the election tomorrow. I hope it’s going to be relatively short.

What I want to do is say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me on this campaign. I have been completely overwhelmed. The list is endless and you all know who you are but I’d like to categorise a few:

  • my husband, children, family and friends for their support and encouragement
  • my church family, present and past (who pray for me and willingly delivered nearly 4500 leaflets)
  • my blog visitors – who would’ve thought I would get over 300 visitors interested in my ramblings? (admittedly some of those were the same people from different locations)
  • my Facebook page likers (some of whom I know and others who I don’t)
  • people from the Oakwood community and surrounding area who have contacted me directly to offer to deliver leaflets and put up posters or just encouraging me with kind words
  • Russell Pollard, at Derby News, for his interview and subsequent conversations – I have learned a lot about Derby City Council from his website.
  • Derby City Council Electoral Services – who have offered no end of responses to my rather basic questions
  • The other Oakwood candidates – who have kept me on my toes and made this experience fun and interesting

I’m sure there are others who I have forgotten and who I apologise to.

I hope that the result tomorrow is successful, and that, even if I don’t win, I may have made people of Oakwood consider the role of a local councillor and how much of a difference their vote could make.

I received this beautiful bunch of flowers today, I couldn’t have made it this far without you all, so please enjoy them with me.


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